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Think carefully about who to invite to a workshop and the best time and place to hold it.


People encounter death and dying at any age be it through personal illness, tragedy or loss or through media saturated with images and stories of death.

This workshop is suitable for any adult who has not been recently bereaved who would like to reflect on their personal engagement with mortality and its existential, spiritual and theological implications.

Who you invite will depend on your context. There may be a church or community group that would like to do the workshop or you may want to issue a general invitation to people in your church, deanery, parish, or the wider local community.


The workshop can be run at any time of the year. However, you might like to tie it in either with a wider discussion about death and dying, for example a sermon series or bible studies, or with a particular time in the church’s year such as Advent, Lent or Easter. 

In practical terms, when you decide to hold the workshop will depend on the demographic of those taking part. For example, if people have work, family or care commitments, it may be difficult for them to come to a weekday afternoon session whereas this may be a good time for people without such commitments. Some older people may be reluctant to turn out for an evening session especially during the dark winter months.


The venue needs to be warm and comfortable with disabled access and toilets. If possible, it needs to be easily accessible by public transport. There will also need to be facilities for making refreshments and room for tables to work on.

It’s important to make sure  the venue you choose is appropriate to the people you have invited. You may want to hold the workshop in a church that provides these facilities or in a church or parish hall or some other venue in the community.

It’s worth thinking carefully about these basic practical details as they provide the foundation for an effective and fruitful workshop.

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