Setting up

Certain things need to be in place to create an environment in which participants can feel supported and safe. This will ensure that everyone involved has as positive and enriching an experience as possible.

An ethically responsible approach

Before leading a workshop ensure you:

  • Provide a participant information sheet so that people are clear about the purpose of the workshop; its structure and length; anonymity and boundaries; who is running it and how to contact them. You can download a sample participant information sheet.
  • Obtain the contact details for participants in case you need to be in touch following the workshop. These details should be obtained and held in compliance with the current Data Protection Act.
  • Be clear about what will happen to the work that people produce. It should be treated with the same respect as anything that is spoken or written. You may like to decide with the group what to do. People may simply want to take it home with them. However, if you want to be able to share either the original work or photographs with others, you will need to ask permission from individuals to do that including a clear agreement as to whether or not they want it to be attributed.
  • Ensure that any notes taken are not attributable

two workshop facilitators

It’s important there are two workshop facilitators for the following reasons:

  • When one person is giving input, the other can be aware of what is going on in the group, attend to practicalities and offer any support that may be required
  • One of the facilitators can take notes. Notes might provide theological reflection material for a leadership team.
  • It provides a greater breadth of resources and experience
  • It provides mutual support during the workshop
  • It provides the opportunity to debrief after the workshop as part of self-care and to enrich learning and evaluation

ongoing pastoral support

A workshop on death and dying may put people in touch with deep existential issues.   It is important that if people wish to talk with someone following the workshop there is a named person they can contact for pastoral support. You need to ensure that people know how to contact that person should they wish to do so and that they can do so at any point after the workshop.

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