This is a (non-definitive) list of the basic items you will need to deliver a workshop.

You will need three large tables for the different creative activities. People may choose to sit and work round a table or to take materials and work elsewhere.

  • For the writing/wisdom legacy card table: a variety of paper and card of different sizes, textures and colours; a variety of pens and pencils of different colours; reflection cards; a selection of poems about death and life to provide inspiration
  • For the collage table: different sizes of plain and coloured paper; scissors, glue sticks; a selection of materials such as tissue paper, ribbon, glitter, felt, coloured card – the more varied the better; a selection of magazines from which people can cut out words and images for their collage
  • For the art/drawing table: a broad selection of crayons, pastels, pens, paints and paper; brushes and water pots if using water colour paint; kitchen paper for cleaning any mess

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