The evaluation of your workshop, by both participants and facilitators, is an important part of the work.

evaluation by participants

A short, anonymous evaluation form can be given to people to fill in at an appropriate point before they leave the session. Download the evaluation form.

 This gives people chance to feedback about their experience of the workshop and to raise any particular issues. It’s also a learning tool for the facilitator and, if the comments are positive, a source of encouragement and even inspiration.

evaluation by facilitators

After the workshop, it is important for facilitators to meet informally whilst the experience is still fresh. This provides space to debrief and to talk about:

  • How they feel about the experience of facilitating the workshop
  • The things that went well that need to be captured
  • Questions and concerns that have arisen and need to be addressed
  • Things that need to be learned and used to inform subsequent workshops
  • Any issues that have arisen for the group or individuals
  • Any follow up that is needed

It’s also recommended that facilitators make time to write up their own reflections on the session, including their own responses and anything that has been evoked for them. This is part of being a good reflective practitioner and will maximise personal and professional learning and development. The insights gained can be used to inform the running of subsequent workshops or courses.


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