Checklist for facilitators

Before you start your workshop, run through this checklist to ensure you’re good to go.


  1. Have participants received an information sheet?
  2. Is the venue accessible and comfortable?
  3. Can refreshments be made available at the venue?
  4. Are there tables to use at the venue?
  5. Have you got copies of the poem and song lyrics including large print copies as required?
  6. Have you got the practical resources such as
    1. stickers for names
    2. pens/pencils/pastilles/paints etc
    3. brushe
    4. cups/glasses to use for water
    5. various sizes of paper
    6. newspaper to cover tables
    7. kitchen roll for spills/hands
    8. scissors
    9. magazines for collage
    10. music set-up?
  7. Do you have the names and contact details of participants held in compliance with the current Data Protection Act in case there are things you need to follow up with people after the workshop?
  8. Is there a named person that people can contact for pastoral support? Do people know who they can contact and how to do so?

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