A two-hour workshop designed to provide a safe, creative space in which participants are free to express their stories of death and dying in their own way.

Taking part in a creative workshop

our workshops are

  • approximately two hours long – but can be longer or shorter

  • for up to 15 adults

  • created to encourage creative responses to death and dying using art, music, poetry and scripture

  • designed as stand-alone events

  • easier to facilitate in terms of time commitment than a death preparation course

how to lead a workshop

Click on the yellow links to go to our workshop pages.

It’s important to be clear about the purpose and possible outcomes of the workshop. Go to Purpose to reflect on this.

There are basic things that need to be in place to run a workshop safely. Find them at Setting Up.

Go to Who When Where for guidance on who to invite as well as when and where to hold your workshop.

Your choice of art materials is important. Go to Materials to find a list – but not a definitive one.

The evaluation of your workshop is an important part of the work. Learn more at Evaluation.

Think you’re ready? Use our Checklist for Facilitators to see if everything’s in place and you’re good to go.

workshop pack

Click on the buttons to download the resources you need to lead your workshop.

How the workshop goes

Running order of the workshop 

Sheet to give to participants

Two A5 flyers for publicity

Evaluation form to be used for feedback

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