living well

Reflecting on our own death at any age can enable us to live more fully in the here and now. We’ve created sermon starters, Bible studies, meditations and a prayer walk on the themes of loving, letting go, seeing, growing, belonging and hoping. The resources can be used on their own or in any combination to encourage us to live well in the light of mortality.

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Life and death are bound up with love relationships. We are loved into being and we were bought for a price. True love puts the wellbeing of the other first, and so is sacrificial. The Christian calling is to love throughout life and to love most fully at the point of death.

letting go

To die well is to let go graciously the very things we treasure and want to hold on to, trusting that something better awaits us. This is also in a smaller way our task throughout life.


Death is about seeing beyond the veil, of dwelling in a greater, higher vision. In life we only catch glimpses of it, but these glimpses can expand our imagination, inspire us, and give us hope and a truer vision for this world.


Death is about life-giving transformation, in which we are raised up to our full stature in Christ. This is the end of a life-long process of transformation where we find that the most intense periods of growth may be in the context of adversity or the aftermath of trauma.


A deep paradox of death is that it is undergone alone but we are in company. This mirrors a paradox in life that our worth is determined both by our uniqueness as individuals and by our place as part of something bigger.