well prepared course

A six-week course on living well at the end of life and preparing for death

Getting well prepared for death and dying

Our course is

  • six sessions lasting two hours
  • weekly
  • for up to 12 participants of any age
  • adaptable to the faith traditions (if any) of the participants
  • designed to help prepare them for death practically, emotionally and spiritually
  • on six subjects: Be prepared, The story of my life, Planning my funeral,The last days, Departing in peace and What comes next?’

Course handbook

We’ve created a handbook which, along with the resources below, contains everything you need to run the course. Before you start a course, think about why you are considering doing it and weigh up the costs and benefits. Go to Why run a course on dying? to help you think about this. The course handbook will help prepare you further.

The course handbook costs £4.99 including post and packing.

Click on the buttons to download the resources to help you deliver the course.

Questions to help you explore your own attitudes to death and dying

Two A5 flyers that you can use to publicise your course

An evaluation form that can be used for feedback by participants