We have two aims – to equip churches to explore issues around death and to change the culture.

Equipping churches

Our first is to support churches, especially pastoral teams, in being more confident and competent in helping people to explore issues relating to death, engage with their own mortality, make appropriate preparations for their death, and live well in this light.

We offer practical, psychological, spiritual, and theological resources that can be used in flexible ways appropriate to particular settings. These are firmly grounded in the Christian tradition but it’s possible to use our resources selectively to work with people of other faiths or no espoused faith. This is because the approach taken is open, uses a range of ways in to the issue, acknowledges that death is mysterious, and aims to facilitate conversations rather than inculcate dogma.

Changing church culture

Our second aim is to support churches in developing their own understandings of this area so that death and life becomes part of the warp and weft of their everyday ministry, rather than something set-apart and special. In this way they will be living more like a ‘resurrection people’

This is a longer term aim. Having good conversations about death and life is not just an exercise in helping people (important though this is); It’s also a way of doing theology on the ground.