Why we created resources to help ministers and pastoral leaders support conversations on death and dying

Joanna Collicutt and Victoria Slater laugh with each other
Joanna Collicutt and Victoria Slater, who dreamed of and devised the Death and Life project

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We aren’t good at talking about death – and yet we desperately need to do just that. Read Why Death and Life? to find out more.

Joanna Collicutt’s idea for this project came out of personal experience and theological reflection. Learn more about the Background.

Our first aim is to support churches, especially pastoral teams, in being more competent in helping people explore issues related to death. See other Aims.

Our work is based on some fundamental principles. Go to Principles find out what they are.

The resources and good practice offered here are rooted in evidence of their effectiveness. Go to our Evidence page for details.

Death and Life was conceived by Joanna Collicutt and Victoria Slater. Read their Biographies and those of the other contributors.