What's on this site?
A course, workshop, prayer walk, sermon starters, Bible studies and meditations
Who's it for?
Ministers, pastoral leaders, and anyone who wants to help others think more deeply about mortality
What's it for?
To enable conversations about death, dying, and life after death
Why do that?
Because it's lonely preparing for death on your own. And because thinking about our mortality enables us to live more fully in the here and now.


Exploring people's understanding of death and dying using creative arts


Six sessions on different aspects of preparing for death and dying

Living well

Resources for sermons, Bible studies, meditations and a prayer walk

Some people were virtually moved to tears by the fact that a course had been put on for them.

Course leader


Understand the purpose of these Death and Life resources

Good Practice

Learn how to lead the conversations ethically


Buy our handbook on leading a death preparation course

You have most lovingly and effectively removed my underlying fear of dying.

Course participant

Did you miss something?

Reflection cards

Course Handbook

sermon starters

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio: The Supper at Emmaus

Bible studies